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Apache Air Assault Game Review


The action-packed video game “Air Assault” transports players right into the thick of fierce aerial combat. It is an adventure waiting to be discovered, not simply a game.

air assault

The Thrill of Helicopter Flying:

You can get a genuine sense of what it is like to operate a helicopter in “Air Assault.” This game offers a realistic simulation of operating a helicopter if you have ever wished to.

air assault

War in the Skies:

As you fight the enemy ferociously, be ready for a clash in the skies. You will have access to helicopters with the newest armaments and cutting-edge technology. These helicopters also include cutting-edge cameras that provide pilots a clear view of the battlefield. Your objective is clear: utilize these powerful helicopters to strike the opposition and destroy their installations.

air assault

Diverse Missions:

Twenty missions in “Air Assault” are an astounding number, and each one has its own special difficulties and surroundings. You will never run out of fresh adventures, whether you are flying over water, crossing deserts, soar over towering mountains, or fight in highly inhabited places.

Key Features:

  • Game that simulates piloting a helicopter
  • Adventure-filled and jam-packed with action
  • Flying a helicopter in a realistic manner
  • Intense aerial combat against the opposition
  • Use helicopters with cutting-edge technologies
  • Equip your chopper fleet with the newest weaponry
  • Cameras with cutting-edge technology for better perspectives
  • Twenty interesting and unique missions
  • Many mission locales, including lakes, mountains, deserts, and cities
  • Take on 100 different enemy troops in combat
  • Combat with three powerful enemy bosses

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 processor with 800 MHz or more
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 110 MB of disc space

How to Install?

  • Installer for the game may be downloaded from a reliable site.
  • Find the installation file that was downloaded to your PC.
  • The installer’s on-screen instructions should be followed.
  • Select the installation directory in which you wish to put the game.
  • The installation procedure may take some time; give the installer time to finish.
  • Once the installation is complete, you may start the game from the Start menu or your desktop.
  • Prepare to start your amazing helicopter combat experience in “Air Assault” and soar through the air!


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